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Are you ready to replace your existing garage doors or are you looking to complete a new installation? Regardless of what your needs may be, we can help make your vision a reality. We offer a wide variety of garage door brands and styles to ensure we will have the right products and services to suit your needs.

Garage Door Installation

Add value to your home with a new garage door.

Garage Door Maintenance

Add value to your home with a new garage door.

Garage Door Spring Replacement

Damage to garage door springs can be very inconvenient and frustrating. It can stop your garage door from opening and closing properly and can even make it entirely unusable.

Garage Door Repair

No matter what kind of garage door issues you are facing, we are here to provide our expertise. This includes touch-ups, routine repairs, emergency services for major issues, and more.

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Our Clients Testimonials: What They Say

Hear about us from real people and real clients!

Called them and they came out within a few hours. Their prices were affordable and their service technician Chris was awesome. He explained everything that went wrong, offered a few other things to replace due to wear and tear and was in an out in under an hour. Amazing service and I highly recommend.
Kevin Riordan
Kevin Riordan
Professional company and high quality work. Brandon was very thorough and made sure I was fully comfortable with the new system he installed. Felt very confident using them and would 100% recommend
Guy Barnocky
Guy Barnocky
Called them about noon and they said they would have someone at my rental unit between 1-3pm.... And they did! Chris replaced broken spring and frayed cables. Texted me before and after photos. Knowledgeable, efficient, responsive, communicative and decent pricing. Nothing but good things to say and will use them again.
Bruce “JoJo” Jones
Bruce “JoJo” Jones
The tech Jack did an excellent job and got my garage scared away in a timely manner. He programed everything and cleaned up behind himself. I'm very pleased as my garage was off track and the motor broke. He put up the replacement motor and also was able to change out the other garage motor. They turn around from the time I called to the time they got to my house was 45 minute. I would recommend.
Damon C.
Damon C.
BH garage door was very helpful in ensuring that our garage door was up to par. Very honest and reasonable price
Anthony Ferrici
Anthony Ferrici
BH Garage Door was great to deal with. The cable to my garage door came off and I called BH and they had a technician out within an hour to fix my issue. Hugo was the technician and he was very professional and knowledgeable! Highly recommend BH Garage Door to get you back up and running
Jose Davila
Jose Davila
We were heading out of town and as expected, something goes wrong! Spring broke and it was time for a new door as well. I called BH and they were here next day to give an estimate. Honest and straightforward, I decided to go with them. We talked on Tuesday, installation on Thursday and we were able to leave on vacation knowing the house was secure. Only thing is always do a walk through with anyone working on your home before they leave. There were some small adjustments that needed to be made. Other than that, everything was flawless.
They came out within an hour on a Saturday. Then they also replaced my whole garage door chain assembly with two also 2 new remotes. They were done within an hour in and half if not sooner . Great job!
Dan Tallarico
Dan Tallarico
I called late yesterday after my door's spring broke. Hugo was here before 9 AM the next day. He was patient, knowledgable and was great! Thank you, Hugo! I will definitely be using BH Garage Door the next time I have a garage door issue.


Garage Door Repair & Installation Near You

There are a few reasons why the residents of Chicago choose 1800 Garage Doors as their trusted repair company. Below are some of the top reasons you should hire 1800 Garage Doors for your garage door repairs.

Free of charge Estimates Anytime, Anywhere

Part of the full transparency we provide includes free of charge estimates. No matter when or where, we’re happy to provide you with an estimate that is free of charge. No project is too big or small.

Affordable Flat-Rate Pricing with NO Hidden Fees

When you go with 1800 Garage Doors, you will be provided with flat-rate, affordatle prices with no hidden fees. We believe in full transparency and providing our customers with the best deals possible.

Professional, Well-Trained Techs with Lots of Experience

Our professional techs are all well-trained and are experts in the field of garage door repair. They have lots of experience and will be able to efficiently identify and repair the garage door issue you are having.

Emergency Service & Repairs on All Brand Names

We offer emergency services for repairs of all brand names. This includes same-day emergency services. No matter what garage door make or model you have, we’ll be able to dispatch a tech and resolve the issue in record time. This allows you to get back to what’s important without having to worry about your busted garage door!

2,000+ Garage Doors and Openers Available

Whether you are looking for new garage door panels, repairs, or even a completely new door, we’ve got you covered. We have an extensive range of different garage door parts, openers, and more. We also have a great selection of doors to choose from if you are looking to replace your current door. The parts we use are all from top-rated brands.


Trusted and Insured Professional Garage Door Repair in Chicago

When people Google: “garage door repair Chicago IL” – we already know they have a problem with their garage doors.

Fortunately, it can be a very short-term problem. When all you want is the issue solved promptly, professionally, and at a fair price, you need someone with the expertise and the technical know-how to get the job done right.

We guarantee if you ever have any issues with your garage door, we’ll fix it ASAP. Pick up the phone or e-mail us today for a quote, an inspection, or to just ask a quick question about your garage door.

We’re more than happy to help.

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24/7 Emergency Garage Door Repair Near You In Houston

Are you dealing with a broken garage door in the middle of the night or on the weekend? Don’t worry! At 1800 Door Repair, we offer 24/7 emergency garage door repair services in Chicago. Our experienced technicians are always on standby to respond to your urgent garage door needs promptly and efficiently.

With our fully stocked service vehicles, we’re prepared to handle most repairs on the spot, minimizing downtime and inconvenience. When you choose 1800 Door Repair for your emergency repair needs, you can rest assured knowing that your garage door will be back in working order as quickly as possible.

Common Garage Door Emergencies We Address

Garage doors provide peace of mind by ensuring that your garage is safe and secure from intruders. However, a garage door emergency can prevent it from functioning properly. When a garage door emergency strikes, you need the assistance of local garage door experts.

Below are some of the most common garage door emergencies our technicians encounter while on the job.

Door Falls Off Track

One of the most common garage door emergencies is if your door falls off the track. Doors can fall off the track if they sustain an impact or if the tracks become bent or unaligned. Doors can also fall off the track if their support cables or springs wear out. A garage door cable repair technician can realign the tracks and secure the door back on.

Door Won’t Open/Close All The Way

Another common emergency is when your door won’t open or close all the way. If the door starts to open or close and immediately changes direction, there could be a problem with the garage door safety sensors. Sensors can become blocked and tell the door there is an obstruction when there isn’t. The door can also fail to fully open and close if it is slipping on the tracks.

Remote Will Not Work

If you press the remote and your garage door opener doesn’t respond, it could be one of two issues. The first is that the remote battery is dead. This is an easy fix, as you can just replace the battery and test the remote again. Alternatively, the receiving sensor on the garage door opener could be misaligned or broken.


Expert Garage Door Repair Services Near You

When you choose BH Garage Doors in Chicago, you are choosing the best garage repair company in the Chicagoland area.

No matter what kind of garage door issues you are facing, we are here to provide our expertise. This includes touch-ups, routine repairs, emergency services for major issues, and more. Just reach out and let us know what’s going on.

We are able to easily address common garage door repair problems like door spring replacements, damaged or broken garage door openers, changing out the door spring system, and replacing damaged panels for garage doors of all makes and models.

Whatever the issue is, BH Garage Doors can handle it

Signs You Need Garage Door Replacement

No matter how well you take care of your garage door, you will eventually need to replace it.

Panel Replacement

Damaged panels are not only ugly, but they can also make your garage door less secure. If you have panels that are worn and old due to regular wear and tear, you’ll want to consider upgrading them. This will help with the exterior aesthetic of your home, as well as your garage’s security. The professional team at BH Garage Doors in Chicago is able to easily fit new garage door panels onto your garage. We have a large range of options to choose from, and we have the perfect panels to match your garage.

Garage Door Replacement

Sometimes repairing a garage door is no longer cost-effective. You also may simply be sick of your old garage door, and you are ready for an upgrade. Whatever the case may be, BH Garage Doors is able to replace your garage door. We offer many garage door styles and colors. We’ll help you to choose the perfect garage door to fit the aesthetic of your home and your budget.

Garage Door Opener Repair

A common issue that garage door owners run into is their garage door not opening correctly. If your garage is having issues when trying to use the remote control, won’t open the whole way, or won’t move at all, we will send a tech out to fix the issue and ensure your garage door opens properly again.

Garage Door Safety Sensor Alignment

Safety sensors are an important feature of garage doors. With that said, if they are broken, they can cause issues with your garage door. Your garage door may not shut correctly when using your remote, for instance. Most modern automatic garage door systems have a self-diagnosis feature you can check. There will be various flashing lights that will inform you of what the problem may be (like obstruction or misalignment). You can check the manufacturer’s handbook to see if you can fix the issue. If you can’t, contact BH Garage Doors so we can send out an expert technician to repair the issue for you.

Bent or Broken Tracks

If you do a quick visual inspection of your garage door, you may find a broken or bent track in the door. This damage can occur from accidentally hitting the door with your car, obstructions to the track while the door is closing or opening, broken cables, general wear and tear, and more. If your garage door has a bent or broken track and you are in the Chicago area or if you simply suspect there is a problem, stop using your garage door and contact BH Garage Doors. We will send out a professional garage door repairperson to fix the issue. Don’t continue to use the door, as it may cause more damage and may even cause the door to come off the tracks entirely. Instead, reach out to BH Garage Door.

Broken Garage Door Springs

Damage to garage door springs can be very inconvenient and frustrating. It can stop your garage door from opening and closing properly and can even make it entirely unusable. On top of that, a broken spring can be dangerous. There is a high risk of injury when it comes to opening the door by hand or with your opener when the garage door spring has been damaged. As soon as you notice an issue, contact a garage door repair company like BH Garage Doors. Depending on the problems you are having and the specific system, the springs can be replaced, or the system can be upgraded.

Extension Springs

Extension springs are attached to the track with a system of pulleys and cables that are attached to the bottom brackets of the garage door and are mounted on both sides of the door. If a spring in this system is broken, it can be dangerous. The springs can fly off, causing injury or damage. If your extension spring is broken, BH Garage Doors repair experts can upgrade your garage door to a safer torsion spring system or replace the spring. Reach out today if your springs are damaged.

Torsion Springs

Torsion springs are mounted above the garage door opening on a spring bar or torsion tube that has drums at either end. The cables are attached to the bottom bracket of the door. When you close and open the door the cables wrap or wind around the drum and provide movement.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Common Questions We Get Asked

Below are some of the most common questions we receive about our garage repair near Chicago Metropolitan Area.

How Much Does it Cost to repair a broken spring?

The actual garage door repair springs aren’t particularly expensive parts, but the labor cost is a major factor when it comes to the overall cost of repairs. Below is more information about how much a garage door spring replacement can cost. For more information, reach out to 1800 Garage Doors Chicago.

Garage Door Spring Replacement Cost of Parts and Labor

It can be extremely difficult to replace garage door springs, and it should be done by an expert. You don’t want to risk further damaging your garage door or injury to yourself. Instead, you’ll want to hire a garage door repair company. There is no universal repair price chart, as all companies charge their own prices for labor.

Can I DIY Repair My Garage Door?

Generally speaking, you should call a professional for any garage door repair. Garage door components, such as springs and rollers, are under a significant amount of pressure and can cause serious injury if they break. An expert garage door repair company understands how to fix doors quickly and safely.

How Often Should I Replace My Garage Door?

You may need to replace your garage door 20 and 50 years, depending on its material, weather, and maintenance schedule. However, circumstances can vary and your door might require replacement before its natural lifespan is up. Scheduling an inspection from a professional garage door repair company can help you determine your door’s lifespan.

What Is R-Value?

R-value tells you how effective of an insulator a material is. R-values are important for garage doors because heat can escape from your garage. The higher a material’s R-value, the more effective of an insulator it is. For example, a solid wood garage door has an R-value of about 2.17, while a fiberglass door may have an R-value of 5.


How Large Is The Average Garage Door?

The typical single-car garage door is about eight feet wide by seven feet tall. Double car garage doors are about 16 feet wide by seven feet tall. However, you can design a custom garage door to be as large as you need it.

Should I Insulate My Garage Door?

Yes, insulating your garage door is a great investment that can significantly reduce energy consumption during the fall and winter. Homeowners can reduce their annual energy bills by up to 20% by insulating their garage door and sealing their home’s exterior. 

What Is The Best Garage Door Material?

The best garage door material depends on your specific needs. In terms of durability, steel is the strongest common garage door material but is a poor insulator. Fiberglass is a highly insulated material that boasts decent durability, whereas wood provides a luxurious appearance. Aluminum is a good material if you need a lightweight garage door for a chain or belt drive opener.


Trusted Garage Door Repair In Chicago For Years!

Some companies charge more than others. With that said, higher cost doesn’t necessarily mean higher quality work. If you want to make sure you aren’t overpaying, consider these tips:

● Buy the parts yourself
● Get a second opinion, but only if you have big doubts (consulting a second business will not be free)
● Only work with reputed companies that have a local, verifiable history of honest work
● Go online and check how much the competitors are charging for the same job
● Note if they are in a hurry to get started immediately

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Whether you are having issues with the springs, panels, sensor, or any other issues with your garage door, reach out to BH Garage Doors in Chicago today. We’ll get you a free estimate and send a tech out to repair whatever issues you may have. If you are looking for a new garage door, let us know! We’ll help you to pick the perfect garage door to match the exterior of your home. We look forward to speaking with you and repairing your garage door!